Why You Need to Invest in Travel Incentive Programs

The SITE Index study report supports the tremendous value incentive travel brings to organizations. Those open-ended responses include stronger client loyalty, an enhanced corporate culture, sharing best practices, and involving winners in company strategy discussions.

According to the study, 66% of buyers expect soft power benefits, such as a focus on company culture, engagement, and relationships, to be more vital in future incentive programs. 67% of the respondents stated that retaining talent increases the importance of incentive travel, and we couldn’t agree more.

The incentive industry is viewed in a favorable light right now, and understandably so. What’s your biggest business objective? It’s likely an incentive travel program can help you achieve it.

Travel Incentive Programs Work

According to numerous surveys, and most recently the Incentive Travel Industry Index, there are eight top reasons organizations use (and love) incentive travel programs. Incentive buying stakeholders have consistently ranked “Increased Sales and Profit” as the number one objective associated with incentive travel.

8 Top Reasons Companies Use Travel Incentive Programs

Here are the objectives of incentive travel programs according to program buyers:

  1. Increase Sales and Profit
  2. Increase Individual Productivity
  3. Improve Employee Engagement and Morale
  4. Strengthen Employee Loyalty
  5. Build Better Relationships Between Employees and Management
  6. Retain Talent
  7. Build Better Relationships Among Employees
  8. Enhance Ability to Recruit New Employees
travel incentive programs infographic

Let’s Increase Sales with Travel Incentive Programs