Connecting and recognizing your employees can make a huge impact!

Kevin Sheridan, best-selling author of Building a Magnetic Culture and The Virtual Manager, provides his 10 best practices to develop a culture of recognition.

  1. Define What Should Be Recognized — What is recognition-worthy? Is it a certain level of revenue reached? Maybe it’s a certain number of quotes completed or a high percentage of customer satisfaction. Making it clear and making it known, makes it happen right.
  2. Be Sincere — Effective recognition is sincere and enthusiastic. Be detailed and personal. And be human.
  3. Recognize in Public and Private — Be cognizant of different personality types. Public and Social Recognition can be very rewarding for some, and private recognition lends itself to frequency.
  4. Balance the Criticism — Separate positive feedback from suggestions for improvement, especially refrain from using the word “but.”
  5. When in Doubt, Ask! — Open communication is simple and essential. If it doesn’t motivate, it’s pointless.
  6. Equal Does Not Necessarily Mean Fair — If top performers are not recognized and rewarded with incentives that are appropriate for their efforts or accomplishment compared to a less deserving counterpart, they might not be as motivated to continue to deliver the desired goals. Or worse, they might take their talents elsewhere.
  7. Do Not Overdo It — Too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Overuse of recognition can dilute the meaning or diminish sincerity.
  8. Determine Appropriate Rewards — High Effort, High Reward. Offering disproportionate incentives might serve as de-motivators.
  9. Educate Employees on Your Recognition Efforts — Look at the bigger picture. When employees understand the importance and widespread use of recognition throughout their organization, they are more likely to be engaged in the initiative.
  10. Encourage Employees to Recognize One Another — The opportunities are endless. From physical recognition boards, announcements at meetings, or social recognition via an online platform, get employees involved in and share peer-to-peer recognition.

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