Not sure if you are ready to partner with a third party meeting planning company? These seven reasons will give you a better idea of the value they provide both in the office and abroad.

1. They enhance the effectiveness of your internal team.

Any internal team planning for a meeting or event has enough to worry about. Planning logistics is a full time job in itself, not to mention generating great content and creating an impressive experience on top of it. That’s a lot for one team to handle! Expertise from a professional planning company can help keep the content creation team on track and make sure the look and feel of the experience complements the overall message.

2. They serve as power brokers.

Who doesn’t love saving money and avoiding risk? Working with a third party will help get you better rates and amenities. Their buying strength comes from the volume and depth of contracts they execute for their combined clients. Not to mention, contract specialists are highly focused on risk mitigation, ensuring you have the most favorable terms should the unexpected occur.

3. They are innovative.

Third parties stay up-to-date on the latest trends and deliver innovative ideas to take your meeting or event to the next level. They are exposed to many different industries, so clients benefit from company-wide collaboration and brainstorming.

4. They maintain continuity and provide scalability.

Complex, simultaneous events can be overwhelming for an in-house team. Accommodating time off needs or emergencies can be challenging. Augmenting your team with a professional planning company will ensure you are covered in the thick of your project.

5. They have more access to event technology.

Finding the best and most current technology solutions for event marketing and attendee registration can be time consuming. Third parties have access to all the latest technology – from attendee management and registration to mobile apps and attendee tracking – to create the greatest engagement for your audience.

6. They have extensive experience.

It’s all they do. Because it’s their expertise, the broad experience of a third party planning company can provide a robust attendee experience, a thoughtfully planned event and strong return on investment.

7. They provide local quality and crisis-management oversight.

Worldwide networks of vendor partnerships assure a streamlined experience and quality of on-the-ground service delivery. Experienced third parties provide great value because they understand the importance of, and proactively plan for crisis situations. You know, that thing about Murphy’s Law…

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