Maintain a stable communication path for your participants, speakers, and sponsors.

Striving for flawless execution should be the baseline for every meeting and event planner, but unexpected weather events, political turmoil, or medical emergencies can wreak havoc on even the best-laid plans. That’s why risk management has become a critical component to any comprehensive program strategy. Yet respondents to a recent Successful Meetings survey provided some alarming answers to a question about whether their organizations had a plan in place to mitigate and manage unforeseen circumstances:

  • Yes, and we are planning to update it: 41%
  • No, but we are planning to develop one: 21%
  • Yes, but we are not planning to update it: 18%
  • No, and we are not planning to develop one: 14%


At Creative Group, we know keeping meeting and event participants connected has never been more important, and a sound crisis management strategy can really save the day. We’ve taken a proactive approach and developed an industry-current tool to help ensure your attendees stay connected as a group and remain safe at all times. Creative Group’s Pinpointe App is designed to provide a stable, fundamental communication path for your participants, speakers, and sponsors.


Our proprietary app empowers you to reach everyone at once or chat with groups or individuals as circumstances dictate. It enables you to send notifications to all attendees in case of emergency. It also provides a simple, convenient platform for your attendees to post messages and share pictures of their experiences. Pinpointe works on cellular and Wi-Fi platforms to ensure everyone in your group can communicate with each other, no matter the situation. At the touch of a button, hosts can quickly communicate important changes to participants through push notifications.


Pinpointe also keeps your participants close to important information specific to your event. A singular content page offers space for a welcome message or contact information. A participants list provides names of all attendees, with an option to include their email addresses and phone numbers. Your people can also use Pinpointe to create their own preferred contacts lists, as well as take notes and send them via email.


The world we live in tends to throw obstacles into the paths of even the most meticulously planned events. Having a cohesive, easily executed security plan shouldn’t be a secondary consideration; it should be a top priority.

As event technology continues to shape the future of corporate communication, Creative Group is leading the way with proprietary tools and solutions to keep your next event under pinpoint control, despite unforeseen meteorological, political, or medical twists and turns. Whether you have dozens or hundreds of attendees queued up for your next meeting or event, contact us for more details and to learn how to pinpoint success.

Let’s Pinpointe Success!