Collectively, we’re relieved. Travel is on the rise. According to TSA data, passengers going through US airports in March topped 1,000,000 per day. This is a significant increase from February, and it demonstrates a growing willingness to travel.

Event planners understand the limitations of virtual meetings; Harvard Business Review recently studied the limitations of virtual meetings. Apparently, live audiences feel engaged, in part, because they help create presentation success. The energy, questions, and posture they bring to an auditorium affect the outcome. By comparison, virtual audiences can feel disconnected. They play little role in overall enthusiasm – especially when their cameras are turned off.

So…back to live gatherings and our re-emerging introduction to takeoffs and landings. Below are some tips from our employees and customers who’ve recently taken to the skies:

  • Practice patience and prepare to deal with connections as flights are limited
  • Check your flight status often – some flights are being cancelled with no notification
  • If you are travelling abroad, check the regularly updated travel regulations, restrictions, and rules that are in place (and don’t forget in-bound return!)
  • Wear a comfortable mask … sounds silly until the back of your ears beg for relief
  • Take the sanitizer wipe at boarding and wipe down everything… don’t forget the seat buckle and food tray!
  • Everyone takes off their masks at snack delivery… consider waiting and eating at an odd time for extra precaution
  • Load a good movie and relax…enjoy the journey and the joys of exploration!

Ready to return to travel?