Future corporate group bookings are back and so are their more immediate site inspection needs. Many aspects of our new travel normal we know – flight schedules will continue to change, and health regulations still linger. We’ve come to anticipate certain intricacies in planning for the journey. We can get ourselves to 30,000 feet, but what happens once we touchdown? What will be the experience post-check-in?

Despite the turbulence, below are some tips to have the smoothest site inspection:

Plan Early

Be sure to lock in, well in advance, any restaurant reservations you may need. Without reservations, wait times can be long. The same applies to hotel amenities. Gone are the days of popping into the gym or booking a last-minute massage. As for fun activities, the average wait is two months (no more zipping off to that zipline!). Book site inspection details early and communicate often as hotels hire back new personnel and contacts may change.

Add Contingency Dollars

Transportation costs have doubled (even tripled) due to the limited availability of vehicles. Hotels and DMCs are no longer in a position to offer any meals or services gratis. Flights may get canceled and additional rooms may be needed. Your next site inspection might cost 20-30% more than those conducted pre-Covid. Plan to adjust your budget accordingly.

Anticipate Different Standards

Hotels are bringing back staff, and we applaud them! However, the hospitality industry service levels and experiences may vary. Room cleaning might be spotty or non-existent, and room service might not even be an option.

So, let’s recap how to plan a (near) perfect site inspection with the realities of our current world:

  • Plan and lock in as much as you can far in advance.
  • Set the right expectations for yourself and your team.
  • Communicate with the hotel often and let go of the small stuff.
  • Sketch out your planner-perfect itinerary, but then…grab a cab, hop a plane, and prepare to embrace the zen as you are sure to hit a few bumps along the way.
  • Encourage compassion and kindness at the forefront of your thinking. Remember, everyone is doing their best!

Are you prepared for your next site inspection?