Let’s face it, sometimes it feels like everything can go wrong in event planning. But we keep calm and carry on! Picture this – our long-time client treats the Big Game like a high holiday and removes that weekend from the planning calendar when scheduling their January incentive reward trip. Due to unforeseen circumstances last year, the travel dates for their January Mexico incentive program had to be rescheduled and it now landed with the arrival day on The Biggest Sunday in February. Cue panic attack? We think not! Our client tasked us with creating an immersive, unique experience for their audience and we were confident we could make this an experience to remember – because when you know your audience, you deliver! 

Here’s how we scored a touchdown on their Welcome Reception: 

Have a Production Game Plan: 

The one thing that can make or break a game viewing experience is broadcast quality. We brought our in-house experience design production team into the planning stages and put their production skills to the test (spoiler alert: they passed). They ensured that all the staging in the venue was equipped to power several large projector screens with smaller TVs dotted along the bar and on the way to the restrooms. We didn’t want anyone to miss even a second of play – or the commercials! And since we were running this program in Mexico, they made sure we had access to an American stream of the game, plus several backups if anything went wrong.

Kickoff with Great Décor: 

What’s a Sunday Game party without atmosphere? We wanted the attendees to feel like they could kick back, relax, and watch the game with friends. Large sofas, high tops, bar seating, you name ithowever they chose to relax, they had plenty of options to choose from. In addition to the abundance of TV screens, we had lighting and sound wired up to follow the broadcast. Bengals touchdown? The room turned orange! Rams touchdown? Cue Dr. Dre! Some NFL décor, like helium balloons and party supplies, purchased in the U.S. and brought along to the destination perfectly rounded out the theme 

Tackle the Activities: 

To increase participants’ fun and interaction, we designed a wagering activation so attendees could compete with one another on game results. Our client made a financial allocation to the kitty, and we set up a game of Football Squares that gave away hundreds of dollars to the winners throughout the game. And since this was a family-friendly program, we incorporated different tailgate games and activities, like cornhole, for the whole family to enjoy and to further embrace the Big Game-feeling atmosphere.

We were tasked with creating an end-around to pull off an amazing football-themed event that exceeded everyone’s expectations and the result: Touchdown!   

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