A Grateful Attitude Promotes Positivity!

4 min. read

By: Jennifer Petsche, Marketing Communication Strategist, Creative Group

It’s been quite a while since (whispering softly to not call it forth) the pandemic and its aftermath surrounded us. Throughout that time, most of us were embracing gratitude—being grateful for our health, the health of our loved ones, the ability to see smiles again, easily finding groceries and essentials, and so on. But as we’ve gotten back to a new normal, have we forgotten how to be grateful outside of the Thanksgiving season? It was an uplifting feeling to experience gratitude easily and regularly. We should be mindful and continue the practice.

When the subject of gratitude and being grateful comes up, I always think of Pollyanna and the Glad Game. If you haven’t seen the 1960 Disney movie, the main character (Pollyanna, of course) plays the Glad Game to remind herself of why she should be grateful. Her father taught her the game when her family received a donation box. Instead of the doll that she wanted, all she got to play with was a pair of crutches. Rather than focusing on being sad, she was asked to be glad (rhyme intended!). But what was there to be glad about? The fact that she didn’t need the crutches! See, you get the idea!

Pollyanna’s Glad Game is a sweet idea that always makes me feel warm and fuzzy, and I try to implement it when I experience something negative. It’s how I remember to be grateful when it’s not easy to do. For example, if I’m getting a migraine, I try to focus on being grateful it’s not on a day when I have a big presentation or have tickets to a concert. It’s a minor thing, but it helps me stay positive!

Gratitude is a positive attitude (hey, that rhymes, too!). There are tons of fancy studies out there that prove how much better life is when we practice gratitude. Focusing on the positive instead of the negative results in improved sleep, better relationships, improved productivity, etc. It’s science! Other than the Glad Game, how do we practice gratitude? And how do we help others feel gratitude and spread a positive attitude?

Right after the you-know-what, when everyone was free to gather again in person in larger numbers, there was enormous gratitude for in-person connections, shared experiences, and relationship building. Whether you brought people together for a national sales meeting, a customer appreciation event, or an incentive travel experience, people were appreciative of just being in the same location with others, seeing colleagues’ faces, and feeling the collective energy of the room. But now that the novelty has worn off, how can we continue with gratitude?

There are some simple ways to ignite positive feelings with gratitude practices. As long as these come from a place of authenticity, they have remarkable power to spark inspiration, create joy, and invigorate your audience. Try one or more of the following ideas to promote gratitude at your event:

  • Create a gratitude wall at your event and encourage people to jot down a daily note of appreciation for something, be it business or personal.
  • Invite a speaker to expand on the benefits of gratitude in the workplace.
  • Offer a morning quiet time/mindfulness pause to set a positive tone for the day.
  • Give attendees branded journals to jot down their reflections at the end of the day/event. For instance, give attendees five minutes and encourage them to list three things that they are grateful for from the day. No sharing necessary.
  • Make charitable donations to the local community. Better yet, hold an event where attendees actively participate in helping the community. Giving back to the wider community is a way for people to appreciate what they have.
  • Say “thank you” before, during, and after the event. Expressing gratitude is beneficial to both the giver and the receiver and establishes a lasting connection beyond the event.

Weaving gratitude practices into your next event will go a long way toward helping people connect in a positive way. It reframes the lenses through which we see the world and shines a light on the good around us.

Let’s make gratitude part of your experience!