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The 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas provided a glimpse into the future while demonstrating the latest in technology. Wondering what the latest tech is and how it could help you? We delved into the announcements to find those most relevant to our industry.

What’s New: The Latest Tech Available Now

  • A new wearable that gives good vibes — sounds unbelievable right? People can now find relief with touch receptors using the Apollo Nero. It’s a wristband (or clothing clip) that has been tested to reduce anxiety, especially in social situations. This wearable monitors the usual data like sleep and steps but goes a step further to collect data on your moods and feelings. It can also help with boosting focus and energy. This could be a great wellness-themed gift or a nice offering for those attendees who have some social anxiety but still want to participate in big events (it’s all about inclusivity, after all). There’s also an option to wear it on your ankle, but beware it could give house arrest vibes!
  • For those of us who enjoy cocktails or nonalcoholic mixed drinks, the Barsys 360 curates your favorite beverages without the need for a bartender. It automatically mixes your requested drink (if you have all the ingredients) with a super-sleek innovative design. What a unique option to offer at your next event or as an incentive reward! It gives people something fun to watch while waiting for their drink, complete with sophisticated lighting effects.
  • A DIY nail designer? Yes, please! Using advanced AI, the Nimble Device learns the size and shape of your nails to meticulously apply 2 or 4 coats of polish. Talk about an effortless manicure! This could be offered at meetings or events in break areas or to give attendees a “me time” experience as a reward for their hard work.
  • Retro seems to be popping up everywhere — but I’m not complaining! A new pocket-sized walkie-talkie-looking device works on voice-based AI and can perform various tasks, like helping book travel, ordering food, and playing music. I can see multiple uses for this “universal remote for apps” to make our lives easier. The rabbit r1 is available here!
  • Finally, a new temporary tattoo printer is changing the game when it comes to branding capabilities! Can you imagine your brand being seen on every arm of your incentive winners? It could be a cool sponsorship opportunity or even a fun entry requirement into a secret party.

Coming Soon: Upcoming Tech to Look Out For

  • This could be a game changer when it comes to making your flight on time. Even with TSA Precheck®, going through airport security can take time and effort. But a new self-service system being tested by the TSA would allow PreCheck passengers to slide through security at their own pace. Simply show your ID and a machine will scan it along with your luggage. Talk about a time saver for frequent travelers and incentive travel participants!
  • A concept vehicle from Kia is reminiscent of a favorite toy — Lego® sets! Their highly modular design can be used in a myriad of ways — everything from becoming workspaces to moving products around. We can see this making a huge difference in event logistics, from getting décor to your event to creating mobile pop-up shops to showcase products.

In the tech industry, there is always something new to look forward to. Whether you want to include the latest technology in your reward catalog or bring fresh options to your meeting or event, technology is always upping the game to help improve the attendee experience. Bringing fresh, new ideas to your event design is what it’s all about. And bonus…getting high marks on the attendee surveys will prove the ROI, too.

Let’s create a fresh experience with innovative tech for your next event!