There are Some Things You Can Only Do in the Great Outdoors!

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When planning a corporate event, there’s a lot to think about: from big choices like picking the date and venue to the finer details like selecting desserts and choosing the right shade for napkins. But there’s one decision that needs a bit more thought: should your event be indoors or outdoors? Lately, outdoor corporate events have become much more popular for many occasions, from employee recognition to partner meetings.

Of course, opting for an outdoor venue comes with its risks (we’ve had our share of unpredictable weather!), but there’s always a solid backup plan in place (like a venue that offers equal amounts of indoor and outdoor space). Outdoor venues provide a unique setting for your group, allowing for more ways to connect and be inspired. Now, let’s dive into the perks of hosting your corporate event under the open sky and explore some awesome activities that just don’t fly indoors.

Fire (& Ice!)
Playing with fire inside? Not unless you want the fire department crashing your party! But outdoors, fire can light up your event:

fire performers
  • Bonfires: Perfect for gathering around as the evening chills, where everyone can toast marshmallows and swap stories. Bonus: this provides a hygge atmosphere!
  • Fire performers: Add some awe-inspiring moments with fire dancers or breathers who can turn up the heat and give your event a dramatic flair.
  • Torch lighting: As dusk falls, tiki torches can line your space, creating a magical, flickering ambiance that indoor candles could never match.
  • Dry Ice: Besides keeping your drinks and snacks chilled, it adds a touch of mystery and drama to the setting!

Light Shows
The sky’s your limit here—literally. Want to make your night sparkle at your outdoor corporate event?

  • Fireworks: They never fail to dazzle and delight during a celebration, no matter how many times we’ve seen them.
  • Drone shows: Light-up drones can dance across the sky, forming dazzling patterns and images. Wow them with displays that are branded in the event’s theme or company logo. Check out some real-life examples here.
  • Laser light shows: For a futuristic flair, laser shows can project incredible designs and sync with your event’s music. Yet another branding opportunity for your event’s theme!
  • Water light shows: If you’re near water, illuminate it with fountains and lights for a spectacular effect.

An Astounding Atmosphere
The great outdoors naturally offers an expansive backdrop that indoor venues simply can’t!

  • Sights and Sounds: Imagine your event framed by stunning ocean views or majestic mountains. Even wildlife! Nature not only offers a gorgeous backdrop but also boosts mental clarity and creativity.
  • Well-being: There’s nothing like fresh air and natural light to rejuvenate the spirit. The sun’s warmth, a gentle breeze… it’s all good for the soul.
  • Flexibility: Outdoor spaces often offer more freedom in terms of layout and activities. You can spread out and get creative with how you use the space.

Each of these ideas takes full advantage of the outdoors to make your event not just a gathering, but a memorable celebration with flair and wonder. Whether it’s the crackle of a bonfire or the dazzle of a drone light show, outdoor corporate events have the power to captivate and enchant in ways that indoor events simply can’t live up to.

Let’s level up your next event by bringing it outdoors!