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Jamie Schwartz

Senior Director, Performance Strategy

Creative Group (CG): What excites you most about your role?

Jamie (J): I love the idea of possibilities – that sense of wide-open thinking. There is so much opportunity for Performance Solutions, my area of expertise at Creative Group, to help our clients improve their businesses. Our strategic approach, our technology and our talent in combination, is unstoppable and that’s what excites me!

CG: What kinds of things do you help clients achieve?

J: Well, first I’ll just say wow because I’m meeting so many clients with bold, new business objectives. I’m talking about different companies in different industries that are coming out of the pandemic with completely new challenges. Sales are still important, or course, but I’m intrigued by the clients that are looking for ways to engage non-sales behaviors to improve their customer journey. After some deep listening to identify pain points, we use our experience and our holistic solution set to craft programs that can change stakeholder behavior and improve program ROI.

CG: What did you learn early in your career that has stayed with you today?

J: Early on, I often noticed people entering conversations – with clients or employees – with an agenda. I heard the quote, “People listen to people who listen,” and it really resonated with me. I always try to listen to what others are expressing before I respond. You know…the old “two ears, one mouth” thing. I can’t say I’m always successful (I’m a talker at heart, ha!) but I always strive to be a good listener.


VP, Business Development West

Creative Group (CG): What do you love about your role?

Craig (C): As the West Coast sales leader, I am responsible for the performance of the sales team and all business development strategy and activity on the West Coast. I love that I am challenged every day. I enjoy both the “thrill of the hunt” with new client conversations, as well as learning more from our current customers about how we can better lead, guide, and consult them in all aspects of their business. One of the best things about my role is that I get to learn from those who’ve been in the business for decades, while also adding fresh perspective on what it takes to be successful and connect with customers in the thriving and ever-changing Silicon Valley.

CG: Do you have a proud moment you can share about a time you deeply connected to a client’s business challenge and delivered the perfect solution?

C: I love when new clients come to us with a challenge they are facing or a hurdle that they think cannot be overcome. Recently, we were working with a client who felt that their agency partner couldn’t grow with them. They appreciated what that agency had done for them but needed a fresh perspective and a partner who could bring new ideas and help them scale. Our team did a lot of listening in the first few discovery calls, collaborated internally to develop a solution customized to their needs, and we were able to win their business. These are the moments that make me proud of what we do and grateful for the people that I am lucky enough to work with every day.

CG:  Is there an author or a quote you live by…either in business or your personal life – something that really resonates with you?

C: Around the office, I often remind people that “Teamwork makes the dream work”. It might sound cliché, but It’s the truth. It’s rarely about one individual performance and I find that approaching life with a sense of humbleness attracts lifelong connections, both personally and professionally. I also remind myself constantly about what Jack Welch said when it comes to leadership: “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others”.


Program Manager

CG: As a member of the Customer Experience team, how do you go about building partnerships with your clients?

Kyla (K): Relationship-building with clients comes down to a few essential elements. I engage by actively listening to their needs and following through on my commitments. I also allow space for learning and feedback, and then act on those changes for next time. Each client has unique event needs that bring new challenges and expectations – and they want to feel that I’m engaging thoughtfully on their behalf to align with their goals. These authentic connections allow my clients to be candid and connect with me on a personal level. This develops trust and strengthens our partnership which helps us align and build more successful events together.

CGTell us about your role at Creative Group and what has helped you succeed?

K: As the Program Manager, I’m the “quarterback.” I’m the common thread connecting my client with all the internal teams working on the program (sourcing, communications, technology, air, etc.) and all our partners (hotel, gifting, transportation, venues, etc.). There are often many moving parts and my job requires being highly detailed, creative, and engaged at every step of the way so deadlines and budget goals are met. Aside from the passion to create amazing events, being successful in this position requires anticipation, organization, and the ability to pivot. I set realistic expectations of myself and allow space for feedback, but the other critical aspect is relying on the expertise of my teammates. We cannot succeed on our own.

CG: Any advice for those just starting out in the industry?

K: Especially since the pandemic, this industry is ever evolving and every day there are new challenges. Stay curious, be open to learning, and do not be afraid to rely on the expertise of others. Bravery is understanding when you need to hit the pause button and not spin your wheels trying to accomplish a task on your own when there are many resources to support you. Often this ability to step back will bring new ideas and can create an even more amazing experience.

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