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Exclusive Research: Employee Recognition Findings

Creative Group and the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF) partnered to bring you data on non-monetary incentive and recognition approaches of top-performing technology firms. 

High-level findings about employee recognition programs do not report a large statistical difference between top-performing and average-performing tech firms. But what is clear, is that top-performing firms do slightly more. They spend more per employee and report utilizing more program structures. 

Click each box to expand the accompanying data. 

Program Structures: Employee Reward & Recognition

Percent of Employee Earning Rewards

Budget Approach

Bottom-Up Budgeting: Percent of Payroll for Reward & Recognition 

Average & Top Dollar Values: Award Points, Gift Cards, & Merchandise

Average & Top Dollar Values: Incentive Trips

Top Research Findings

Sales Incentive Findings

Channel Incentive Findings

a Direct Travel company

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