According to Aberdeen Research, 100% of “best-in-class” companies (those with the highest customer retention and sales growth numbers) offer group travel to recognize year-end sales success. And while the concept of incentive travel works, understanding how to deliver the most motivating and memorable experiences is what keeps it working.

Taking into consideration both inherent human desires and changing human tastes, we’ll review six factors impacting global incentive travel.

  1. The Power of Recognition and Desire for Experiences
  2. Creating Communities – Welcome to the Club
  3. Unique, Local Experiences
  4. True Personalization (Without Big Data)
  5. The Politicization of Global Travel
  6. The Quest for Well-being and Mindfulness

From increasing sales and profits to improving employee engagement and morale, incentive travel programs have helped countless companies achieve their biggest business objectives. Although uncertainty in the geopolitical climate can cause apprehension in selecting and traveling to worldwide destinations, the overall outlook and future of incentive travel is a positive one because the business case is strong. It’s an exciting time to discover and create inherently personal experiences that reward the hard work your employees and channel partners bring to the table every day.

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