The term “hybrid” has been in the meetings and events industry for quite some time. Think of hybrid events as a way to reach as broad an audience as possible, reaching those joining online, in-person (live), and post-event via recordings and other communication.

Before getting into tips on how to host interactive hybrid events, we first must define them, outline the types of hybrid events, and provide key considerations. It’s also important to know the differences between a hybrid and a completely virtual or face-to-face event. Our clients wanted to find out more about hybrid events, so to define them and provide accurate insights truly, we shared this document with them before having a roundtable discussion. This resulted in some actionable takeaways for our clients so they could make an informed decision about the best type of event for their business.

Let’s look at hybrid events defined with some examples and insights. Find out the true definition of hybrid events, the different types, and key considerations when determining whether or not to hold a hybrid, completely virtual, or face-to-face event. Use the link below to download the white paper and learn more now.