The (Corporate Events) Revolution has Begun

It’s started…traditional lines have blurred, and expectations have changed. The attention span of corporate event and meeting attendees has dropped and engagement leading to action is more critical than ever.

Think about it.

The concept of self-driving cars is not new to us anymore. It’s terrifying, or amazing, depending on which side of the “street” you’re on – but it’s not new.

Here are 5 corporate event trends you must be aware of and embrace if you want to design relevant meetings and events. Download the free e-book below to go in-depth with each of the trends and see examples that you can (and should) implement.

  1. Creating Connections: Our first trend is about designing and maintaining ecosystems. It’s the most overarching trend because as you will see, so many other trends tie back to the importance of connection and community. And how better to cultivate an ecosystem than through meetings and events? A Salesforce example will help explain.
  2. Oh My Goodness: Our next trend focuses on well-being and enlightenment. Even though well-being is a personal trek, people like to join tribes that support their exact goals. (See how ecosystems fit here?) You’ll read how to incorporate biohacking and nutrigenomics into your corporate events and meetings.
  3. Game On: The gaming industry is booming and it’s super easy to bring it to life at meetings and events for participants to de-stress, for networking, as an icebreaker, and for learning. Go analog or get hi-tech by using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.
  4. My Tech Matters: Augmented and Virtual Reality brings us to our next trend – the integration of technology into everyday life. You’ll read about projection mapping and hyper-personalized experiences.
  5. The Power of Positivity:  Brands will continue taking a stand on issues and furthermore, provide solutions that solve problems for everyone. You’ll even see competitors teaming up.

Creative Group can help you make the most of the revolution.