About The Client

Our client is a multinational conglomerate that serves diverse global market segments with a broad range of infrastructure, business products, and technology-related services and solutions aimed at benefiting both customers and society. We have  been supporting their programs for 17 years.

The Challenge

Our client wanted to host an international conference to reach their pre- and post-sales technical professionals, while extending their reach to more partners and resellers in emerging markets around the globe. Consistent messaging and a unified, cost-effective approach were critical to the success of the program. Our client needed ways to broaden their reach, increase the return on their programs, and optimize resources to improve efficiency – all without compromising execution and program quality.

The Solution

We partnered with the client to produce a three-city international conference in Las Vegas, Macau and Prague. The conference design elements were consistent in all three locations, reaching a broader international audience. We helped our client propel their investment and streamline operations, while bringing greater focus and cohesion across all program elements throughout planning and execution. To achieve this, we structured operations for maximum continuity:

• One global partner fair manager
• One global sponsorship manager
• One top-tier production company
• One registration system
• One look and feel for signage and booths
• One sponsorship message

The Outcome

With the right cities and venues selected, and with consistent program messaging and execution, we helped our technology client reach 4,000 global attendees, increase sponsorships (60 total) and enhance their partner fair, and recognize a $450,000 cost savings through our streamlined operations.

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