Individual Travel Incentives

Ignite Growth and Recognition with Individual Travel Rewards

Empower Your Top Performers to Choose Their Adventure

Are you seeking a new way to recognize your employees or channel partners? Individual travel incentives allow you to honor the uniqueness of every individual, fostering a culture of ownership and empowering people to thrive.

According to the IRF, 74% of respondents find private trips with their spouse or significant other motivating. Individual travel is a turnkey reward offering that involves sourcing, communicating, redeeming, booking, and servicing curated travel packages for companies that wish to provide a flexible, high-value reward to key stakeholders including employees, partners, or customers.

There are many benefits to including individual travel in your reward mix, including:

  • The right amount of choice: By featuring a variety of trip packages at graduated price points and with various inclusions, the travel package selections will give your people plenty of options. Options can be curated based on the traveler’s home region or desired destination.
  • Flexible package inclusions: Individual travel can be tailored to the recipient’s preferences, whether adventure travel, family-friendly, adult-only, or something else! This type of reward offers a more personalized and authentic experience that aligns with the individual’s values – something Millennials and Gen Z especially desire.
  • Simple redemption process: Travel package brochures or websites with beautiful location imagery and all of the important details create intrigue, provide confidence for recipients, and offer an easy way to navigate the selection process.
  • A white-glove experience: Professional incentive travel consultants are crucial, fostering an emotional connection throughout the travel planning process. Plus, it’s a level of interaction that people would not experience on their own.
  • Share-worthy immersive travel: Individual travel packages create super-shareable experiences that not only deepen connections between travelers and the local destination but also reinforce the relationship with the brand/company that provided the reward. Plus, FOMO-inducing photos act as a great motivational factor for others in the program who have the chance to win in the future.

Encouraging individuals to choose their own travel experiences promotes ownership and autonomy…not to mention fun! This fosters a culture of empowerment, driving motivation and loyalty. Personal travel rejuvenates individuals by connecting work culture to values of balance and well-being. It can also be beneficial for organizations looking to refresh an existing top-performer program with the addition of another reward tier. Keep your top performer group trip and add a second tier of individual rewards to motivate and encourage performance to help achieve company objectives. Not to mention that individual travel is also a great way to recognize employee performance for milestone achievements such as anniversaries or service awards.

Did you know? The Incentive Travel Index found that almost half of the respondents agreed that Individual travel incentives are valued, but corporations remain unlikely to offer them. When individual travel is offered, the response is overwhelmingly positive.

“Thank you for helping us book our trips to Maui & Kona. We are having the best time ever! I wish you could see the smiles on my wife’s and kid’s faces - priceless! We appreciate everything you did in making this trip a memory of a lifetime.”

B.K. - Trip winner

“There needs to be a word greater than amazing to describe the experience.”

L.H., Experience Design and Sourcing Manager

“The trips have all gone swimmingly. I appreciate the team behind the scenes creating a great experience for our top Sales performers. Royal Treatment.”

C.S., Director, Procurement & Management Partner
Individual Travel Incentives

Supporting Tools

Learn more about our proprietary tools and applications that can enrich your experience and make reporting easier:

AMPWorks® – End-to-end meeting management platform offers fully customizable registration and attendee management.

i|xperience® – This design approach ensures a participant experience aligned with your business goals and brand.

In-House Services

Our seasoned team of global experts knows how to create a motivating experience and execute it meticulously. And they know how to manage your budget and align with the culture of your organization. We offer the following services:

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